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2Degrees Toolbox

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Easily manage and see the details of your 2 Degrees account on your android phone.
– Compatible with both prepay accounts and pay monthly accounts.
– Widget showing main details – 1×2 and 2×2 sizes available
– Full details viewable in application
– Configurable update intervals
– Easily purchase value packs through the application. You must confirm before any purchase is made.
Data is retrieved over the internet from the 2degrees website, so a internet connection is required to update. Automatic updates may be turned off, or restricted to wifi, in the settings.
Explanation of permissions:
– Internet: To retrieve data
– Phone state: For restricting updates to wifi only etc.
– SMS Messages: For the buying of data packs – this application only sends messages to 233 to buy these packs.
– SD card permissions are not used, but you may see a request for them. If so, it is only there because this application is backward compatible to Android 1.5.
If you have any problems or suggestions feel free to email me!

Copyright (c) 2011 Jordan Thoms.
Sources are at
This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see <>.


Note: If you are having issues, please consider reporting the issue on GitHub rather than commenting here – This makes it easier for me to keep track of issues and follow up to get them solved. Thanks!

36 Responses

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  1. Michael says

    Hey, Nice work on the App

    Where is the information regarding the 2degrees API?, i’m thinking of making an app myself, but I can’t find anything about it on the 2degrees website.



  2. Jordan Thoms says

    There is no 2degrees API that I know of – my app works by running the same HTTP GET/POST request against the 2degrees server as a web browser would when logging into the site.

    The sources are available under the GPL now, so you can see how it works – and maybe the functionality you are wanting can be built into the existing app?

  3. Hesky says

    Hi Jordan, this app is awesome. I have been using it on my phone, working great.
    Can you make a version for android 3.1 ? I use a 2degrees sim for my samsung galaxy tab that runs android 3.1. But the market says this app doesn’t compatible to it. Thanks!

  4. Jordan Thoms says

    Hi – It does actually work on 3.1, but I’ve had trouble getting it to show on all devices. Does your galaxy tab have 3g?

  5. John Dekker says

    Just did the 1.5 update and noticed the new bar that shows how much data has been used so far. In my case I had a $6.00 50MB pack but the graph showed it as a 100MB pack.
    I though you might like to know.

    This is a wonderful app and I am really grateful to have it.

  6. Jordan Thoms says

    Hi – Thanks for reporting this, it can be tricky to test. Can you look in the log and let me know what the lines with the Data Start value and Got Element: are. Do you also have another data pack subscribed which has been used? It can get confused if you brought both a 100mb and 50mb for example and used up one.

  7. John says

    This was my first data pack so only the one $6.00 50MB to date.
    Log is as follows but omitting the data and times:

    Update Successful
    Pack National Data start
    Value set at 100.0
    Got element: 100MB
    Pack National Data start
    Value set to 50.0
    Got element: 50MB

  8. Jordan Thoms says

    Ok – As I suspected it seems you have both an 100mb and 50mb pack on your account, but with one used up. I’ll think about a way of handling this – Unfortunately with the limited ability to get data out of the 2degrees system it can be tricky to work out. I’ve created a ticket to track this at

  9. John says

    Interesting as it was a new SIM only a couple of weeks old and the 50MB pack is the only one I purchased. Perhaps there is a free initial 100MB but then you would see that in the data remaining which has never exceeded the initial 50MB.
    Thanks for your work and let me know if I can supply any additional info.

  10. hesky says

    Re the Tablet issue. I downloaded the apk from your github and installed manually on my tablet. It works fine. my tab is galaxy 10.1 with 3g.

  11. Jordan Thoms says

    Could you check the value packs page on the 2degrees my account site? I think It will have both a 50MB and 100MB pack highlighted in yellow.

  12. Hesky says

    I got 50kb only, looks fine

  13. John says

    Yes both are highlighted in yellow and begin with a “Buy Now” button. They both say the same thing. 47.95 MB remaining but I only ever purchased the initial 50MB.
    We can see what happens when I renew it on the 17th of next month.

  14. Jordan Thoms says

    Ok – Not sure how I can deal with this if the source is wrongly saying you have packs you don’t. See what happens on the 17th – I’ve had other reports of this too.

  15. John says

    I bought a new 50meg pack today and 2degrees toolbox now shows it as a 50meg pack rather that a 100 as previously. I have your latest update so I am assuming you have been able to tweek your program.
    Thanks again for such a brilliantly useful app.

  16. John says

    Great to see this page working good again. Jords, it has been a while since your last update to the program. Could you include the new 19data plan into the app?

  17. vIQleS says


    I’d like the ability to move the elements around. Particularly in the widget. (So I can see the stuff I care about – data and credit – without having to load the full app.)

  18. Andy says

    I love this app, but it stopped working on 25th of may on my galaxy R(I9103)

    am i the only unlucky one?

  19. Jordan Thoms says

    Hi Andy – it’s working for me, although I have noticed that sometimes I have been getting no information and a manual update fixes it. I’ll have a look at that issue when I have some time.

    I’d recommend you try logging into the 2degrees site yourself and check your details work, and also try a manual update / resetting your username and password on my app.


  20. Andy says

    hi Jordan,
    thanks for your reply.
    I tried refresh it manually but it still not working.
    I can log in to my account on my pc and no problems on my account.

    does your app rely on some services on our phone? I am using a custom rom so maybe some of the services or app was removed in this rom.

    it worked before..and i like it.

  21. Andy says

    it is working again..but i dont know why..
    thanks for your help. love this app

  22. Jordan Thoms says

    Thanks 🙂

  23. kw says

    Hi , thanks for the great job. However, I have trouble putting the widget on my wife’s huawei G300, can’t find it at all on the widget menu. Please help!

  24. Jordan Thoms says

    I’m not sure why that would be, maybe try reinstalling the app?

  25. Marcel van Niekerk says

    Hi Jordan,

    Is there any way I can reset the password on you 2degrees app?

  26. ckc says

    It crashed on galaxy Nexus on 4.1.1 jb. Can you fix a update. Thanks

  27. steve says

    Having trouble logging on to a mate’s S3. He has an 027 prefix ported over from telecom. Could this be the cause?

  28. Jordan Thoms says

    Shouldn’t cause problems – as long as the login works on the 2degrees site, it should work on the app. What does it show in the logs?

  29. C Pacey says

    Github doesn’t work so commenting here. I’m on Pay Monthly and my plan data is not displayed on the widget. It falls off the edge. Can you add options to select what order things are displayed?

  30. James says

    Any chance of extending the date of expiry displayed on the widget to include the year? Have as an option at least. Thanks and nice work.

  31. Ed Haszard Morris says

    Hey man, love this app! However, I can’t log in using it any more. Tried re-entering (checked that my password is still OK on the 2degrees site), still no good. Tried re-installing, still no good. Any ideas?

  32. Wepiha Te Ata says

    Hello Jordan and many thanks for this app! As of the 19th there seems to be an authentication error preventing updates from occurring, as a casual developer I will attempt to fix using the githib sources but I thought you should be aware so as to be able to update accordingly. I’ll post my changes here if I’m successful.

    Many thanks again–

  33. Jordan Thoms says

    I released a new version yesterday which should fix this issue, the change is here:

  34. Ed Haszard Morris says

    Thanks for the rapid fix!

  35. Wepiha Te Ata says

    Indeed thank you for the rapid fix, and the better-than-2degrees-official-app.


  36. john stephens says

    Hi l have samsung notewhich used to work but now l get password errors. Its notthe password as it works on a windows 7 computer

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